« DeadLock »

« DeadLock » est un projet pilote.

Nous avons commencé par écrire et tourner un teaser qui sera disponible dès mars 2013. Les personages principaux y figurent.

Le tournage a eu lieu en automne 2012, entre Genève et Lyon.

Jeu : Julia Batinova            Fahid Taghavi            Elodie O’Bonney            Anouk Schumacher

Avec la participation de : Dirk Appermont            Greg D’Hino

Image : David Huwiler

Production : squarestudio.

Réalisé par : Fahid Taghavi




There’s always a part of magic in stories. As a kid you look yourself in the mirror and you see a rock star, an architecte, a massive movie star, a pilot… and then, when you grow up, you forget all about it because the magic is gone. Just about a year ago we went for an hiv test together.

The magic in corruption and crooks is held in the unique sens of power. You know the tables are turning but you also know you’re one of the geasers doing it. You’re an outlaw, a tough nut to crack. A gangster. When you walk into the Deeper Blue bar, they challenge you by accentuating the pronounciation of every letter in your name, it’s not Rub Bros but « Rub Bros »

Amongst London’s thugs, the kaïds all want to be on your team. You’re tough, loosing ground is not an option. Your life is incandescant. Your emotions are excessive and without measure. Gives you a hard on. Your friendship is unconditional. Your girl is the only thing that matters in your life, and so be it if she prefers your mate to you, you understand…

And when things dont work out, it just means you were on the wrong side of the table. You’re off. You’re off on a vengeance.